Friday, January 22, 2010

The Piano Time Capsule

Two or three weeks ago, my mother updated her facebook status with something like: "Just when you thought the packing was done, I discovered two boxes of sheet music!  Does anyone want it?"  I, naturally responded right away that I did.  I figured most of the sheet music was mine and there were quite a few books of Christmas and popular music that I thought would be useful for the cabaret events that I perform in where I work.  What arrived was a fantastic surprise that gave a big smile and lovely walk down memory lane.

The first thing I pulled out of the big fed-ex package was my high school letter jacket.  It had all of my honor band patches from the early nineties and I giggled at how much of a band geek I am.  I've been wearing it around the city, and surprisingly haven't had any milkshakes thrown at my head a la television's GLEE.

Underneath the jacket, however, was the best surprise of all.  Along with my piano music from the 80's and 90's was a stack of my mom's sheet music from when she took piano lessons as a kid.  I have had so much fun playing through pieces like Bird Caprice, Trick-or-Treat, and La Nuit.  My favorite collection is Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style.  I have been entertaining myself by playing through them after work on these cold nights while I sip on some bubbles or a Bourbon.  What fun!

Thanks mom for sending me such a wonderful care package.  I know that I will derive tons of enjoyment from all of the great music and the letter jacket is sure to keep me warm in the frigid North.  No milkshakes, please!


  1. Moms are the best! Who else would save these wonderful relics for us? :-)

  2. so glad you are enjoying the contents of the package. Was the Ballerina piece included? My favorite. The DeBussy collection was falling apart, but still very dear.

  3. I love everything. I played through "Bird Caprice" last night - a new favorite. And I also love "Moonlight" in Lyric Preludes. I'll look for the "Ballerina" today before work. They are nicely written teaching pieces. Maybe I should start giving lessons.