Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making Oprah Proud, Random Acts of Kindness

One of my New Year's resolutions is to perform more random acts of kindness in my daily life. It might sound a little like Pollyanna optimism, but I do think that little gestures of good will here and there magnify the flow of positive energy in the world. I was reminded of this when I walked by a heart that someone had formed with their footprints in the freshly fallen snow on my walk to the see beautiful art at the MFA yesterday. I stopped to take a picture and I started thinking about all of the possible narratives. Perhaps they were trying to impress their date or maybe they were just lost in unrequited love.  Who knows what their story was, but it put a smile on my face and gave me a warm fuzzy on a chilly and gray afternoon. I was thankful for this small miracle, and I was inspired by it to continue the flow of good energy somehow that day.

I've been getting my haircut by Sam at Floyd's Barbershop in Boston for several years now.  She does a wonderful job every time and always fits me in as a walk-in since I can't seem to commit to or plan ahead enough to make an appointment.  On top of that, I hate getting my hair cut and I do so with less frequency than I should, but she always makes me feel comfortable with her laid back demeanor and the easy rapport that we have developed.  She is always doling out positive Karma to me, and it was high time I spun a little in her direction in return.

As I was walking to Floyd's, I noticed some beautiful flowers outside of a lovely little shop called Fern on Mass Ave.  Feeling inspired by the magnificent art I had just seen, I stopped to take a photo.  Then I had the idea of picking up a little arrangement for Sam!  Fantastic!  I knew it would put a smile on her face, and it was a random act of kindness that would keep the positive energy flowing that I experienced from seeing the footprint heart in the snow.  I picked out some cheerful bright pink and orange Gerber Daisies and had the helpful ladies at the shop fashion them into and arrangement for Sam.

The results were fabulous.  Sam jokingly asked if the flowers were for her, and she got a big smile when I told her that were indeed!  It was a wonderful feeling and it made me want to do more!  My intent in posting this entry is not to take pride in my paying it back. Instead, I hope it generates more random acts of kindness in your daily life which will spread the positive energy even more.  If you're reading this, do something small for your postman, convenience store clerk, or coworker and keep the Karma spinning in a positive direction.  Please, let me hear back from you with your random act of kindness and how it made you feel warm and fuzzy in a comment below and let's all enjoy the glow we get from hearing your story!

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