Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulously Fierce Friends, Kate

CQ writes: To a certain degree, your friends define who you are.  You identify with them and admire them for their best traits and often take on the characteristics that you admire in them.  This series will profile some of the amazing people that I have met over my years in music and the food service industry.  I'd like to share with you how fantastic they are. Starting on the first Friday in February, I will publish a different Fabulously Fierce Friend's answers to a standardized list of questions along with a little of their backgrounds.  I think you will enjoy reading their responses as much as I have, and maybe even learn a little something along the way too.

Kate writes: Kate putters around her kitchen with her dogs on a mountain in Montana. When she is not procrastinating, she is writing a book about sailing outlaws in the 1980s.

cq: 1. Who are your role models - food related or otherwise?

kate: Leonard Bernstein for creativity, my grandmother for cooking and handicrafts.

cq: 2. What is your drink of choice?

kate: Right now, Campari, tonic and grapefruit juice.

cq: 3. What is your favorite cookbook or other food related book?

kate: American Jewish Cookbook published 1954.

cq: 4. What was your most memorable meal and why?

kate: Multi course dinner in Palm Beach home of retired Gourmet Magazine editor. Food, drink, company raised me to a blissful experience. Second Bateau Mouche in Paris great food and lights on evening boating on the Seine.

cq: 5. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool?

kate: A good bowl and a good wooden spoon.

cq: 6. If you had to make dinner with ingredients at your home right now, what would you make?

kate: Some kind of pasta with fish, braised root veggies, bread pudding

cq: 7. What kind of music do you like to listen to while you cook?

kate: Cowboy swing.

cq: 8. What is your philosophy on cooking and eating?

kate: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

cq: 9. Are there any foods you can not stand to eat?

kate: Brains, tripe, okra.

cq: 10. If you could use any super power in the kitchen, what would it be and why?

kate: An arm that could beat and knead with ease.

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