Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabulously Fierce Friends, Rosalind

Rosalind writes: Uncle Wayne and I celebrated 50 yrs of marriage in 2008, and I find that I am cooking more "sugar and carb" free as can be foods. I am also doing what I swore I would never do when I saw my Mom catering to my Dad and his food tastes. Now I get it. The enjoyment of preparing a nice meal and presenting it in the prettiest plating I can manage and being happy and proud to prepare it for "my guy". It took a lot of years to get here. My kitchen is large and we added) granite cabinet tops just so I could prepare food in a large and roomy area. I will be looking at a magazine (my favorite is the "Cooks Illustrated" with the trials and perfections of recipes) and just get up and make a recipe in the magazine whether it is mealtime or not. If I need ingredients, I'll run to the supermarket (our wholefoods) and get the best and freshest ingredients. Some of my most memorable meals began in this fashion. I absolutely love to cook and plate and serve.

1. my favorite things to cook are from my childhood, shrimp gumbo, shrimp etoufee, you get the idea.
2. My favorite cookbook is River Road which was give to me by your Mom about 30 yrs ago. It is well loved and used.
3. My favorite cookbook author is Julia Childs (even before the movie) I fell in love with french food when Wayne and I went to Paris yrs ago.My favorite contemporary chef is Bobby Flay.
4.I have two most memorable meals. The first was in Paris. We were wandering the streets along Champs delysee and found this quaint house that advertised local cooking. It turned out to be the people's home and they cooked and fileted a fish that was an artistic treat to our eyes. The meal was so wonderful, they served it with a wine from the family, a white, sauted vegetables and for desert creme brulee, that I have not been able to duplicate anywhere. the second most memorable meal was when Brenda and I went to New York and after a Broadway show, went to the Italian restaurant area and I ordered filet of sole. It was served with a shrimp sauce that was unforgettable. I have ordered filet of sole many times since but they do not come anywhere near the flavor and tenderness of this meal I had in New York. Because of my radiation, I can only eat a little and swallow a little, but I ate every bit of that food. I think of it often.
My favorite kitchen tool are my scissors, I use them to open things, cut meat, cut fat off meat pieces, cut pizza, I use them all day.
If you came to see me today, I would make a rich shrimp, crab gumbo, served with a green salad, crackers and a white wine (of your choice) I would serve bread pudding made from challah bread with pecans and a crispy crust
My philosophy of cooking is use fresh ingredients, don'' overcook vegetables, use lots of salads, don't use sugar and watch the carbs. I use lots of butter and watch portions.
The super power in my kitchen would be a robot that would clean up after all my cooking especially my experiments. I hope this helps with your column.