Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabulously Fierce Friends, Han

1. Who are your role models - food related or otherwise?

My grandmother who raised me to appreciate and not be fussy about what I eat, but at the same time to learn how to enjoy fine cuisine.

2. What is your drink of choice?

Americano (not the Starbucks coffee drink)

3. What is your favorite cookbook or other food related book?

Kitchen Confidential

4. What was your most memorable meal and why?

Toss up between snake soup in Taiwan and dog stew in Korea. Most memorable because I can recall in precise detail the experiences. It also convinced me that exotic foods are still eaten for a reason - because it's actually good!

5. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool?

Chinese butcher knife - one knife to rule them all. Seriously, it fulfills almost every knife function around my kitchen.

6. If you had to make dinner with ingredients at your home right now, what would you make?

Baby bokchoy with oden (fishcake) steamed in oyster sauce

7. What kind of music do you like to listen to while you cook?


8. What is your philosophy on cooking and eating?

Eating: Never say 'no' to trying something at least once...unless it's diseased cow shit. Cooking: Be solid in your basics around the kitchen, but always look to experiment.

9. Are there any foods you can not stand to eat?

I'll eat the neighbors cat if I have to.

10. If you could use any super power in the kitchen, what would it be and why?

Mind control - so I can simultaneously cook and direct the amateur help around the kitchen.