Thursday, January 7, 2010

CQ's Wine Guide Series

It occurred to me this morning after re-reading my article on Alsace wine that I should publish a series of documents that I produced for my friends at work.  About a year ago, I lead a seminar in six parts of wine-tasting to help identify major varietals and characteristics of each major region of France.  I distributed, each week, a handout that had all of the "quick and dirty" basic facts necessary to understand the region on a basic level from a waiter's point of view.

The information is very much tailored to our wine list at work so you might see some producers that are not readily or inexpensively attainable at retail.  The best wine shops, however, should be able to offer you some help in finding similar styles to those mentioned specifically in my posts.

This series will cover the major wine regions of France in six parts.  Alsace, Champagne, Loire, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhone. I will publish a new post every day with a new wine region.  I hope that you find them helpful if you are just beginning to learn more about wine.  I'm happy to clarify to the best of my ability if you leave a comment below any of the posts with your questions.


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