Monday, December 21, 2009

Tatte is the Place for Brioche

If you have a hankering for a breakfast of brioche and homemade jam, I recommend you check out Tatte Bakery in Brookline on Beacon Street in St. Mary's Square. The daily special is two warm brioche, homemade jam, and cup of coffee for $10. It's one of the fabulous things you can treat yourself to there that will warm you up on these nasty winter days ahead. I might even suggest that you close your eyes for a minute or two as you eat and pretend you are in Paris - it won't be too much of a stretch with the sensory experience that this breakfast provides.

From what I have garnered on my many visits there, the proprietor does most of her own baking. I think her husband helps her run the place sometimes working the cash register at the front. The staff is cheerful and able to answer questions about the many varieties of pastries and cakes that they serve. Artisanal methods are obviously in place from the appearance and taste of things I've eaten there. I've also asked a couple of times if classes are available, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I would love to get a group together for an afternoon of brioche education. Anyone want to come along? Hopefully someday...

I must confess that I have a bit of an obsession with brioche. I love the decadence of this bread enriched with loads of butter and eggs. It's incredibly satisfying to eat and though it may pack on the pounds, it is a worthwhile indulgence from time to time. I haven't had better anywhere in this country than at Tatte. I noticed the little bakery when it opened a few years ago next to my favorite Brookline restaurant, Taberna de Haro. After my first bite of the delicious brioche, I was smitten. The plain ones are fantastic, but there are also mushroom and spinach-filled varieties if you want to make a lunch out of it. I like to eat them accompanied by a delicious glass of their homemade pear juice. If memory serves, they also have a nice minted lemonade too.

I've also had sweets from there a few times and they are equally as good. Dan and I go nuts for the cinnamon chocolate rolls and I also really like the halva rose rolls made in the same vein. The sesame-based Halva gives the otherwise sweet rolls a fantastic savory, nutty, toasty background. There are cakes, cookies, and pies to chose from as well, and plenty of nut-filled tarts. I once brought a large cashew tart to work and it was quickly devoured by my co-workers to rave reviews. Frankly, I've never been disappointed with anything there. It's always a delight to visit and stay for a while or take it to go on my way to work. In fact, as I write these lines I'm already planning my next visit. Maybe I'll see you there.

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  1. I remember that the owner said that "Tatte'" was her grandmother's name. Ta-Tay' with the accent on the last syllable. So unique.